Cecile Andrews

Cecile Andrews is a community educator, author of Circle of Simplicity, and contributor to several books on living more simply and taking back our time. She has a doctorate from Stanford and teaches at Seattle University. She and her husband are founders of Seattle's Phinney Ecovillage, a neighborhood-based sustainable community. Wanda Urbanska is a Harvard graduate whose life's work has involved living simply. She is the President of Simple Living Company, the producer/host of Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska, and the author of three books on the subject. She lives in Mount Airy, North Carolina.



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individual change is not enough — it’s necessary, but not sufficient. We must create a movement that leads to policy changes. We need policies regulating corporate behavior, work hours, the wealth gap and sustainability
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Boston University professor Andrew Bacevich argues that Americans are now in a “crisis of profligacy.” In his book The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism, he shows that America’s consumerism — our belief that we can have anything we want, with no limits — is destroying our nation. First, our identity as Americans is diminished: “If one were to choose a single word to characterize that identity, it would have to be more. For the majority of contemporary Americans, the essence of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness centers on a relentless personal quest to acquire, to consume, to indulge and to shed whatever constraints might interfere with those endeavors.”
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Ultimately, we must change our belief system: Americans believe that “you’re on your own,” “every man for himself.” With this belief comes a cutthroat, irresponsible, uncaring society. But we’re beginning to understand that we will survive only if we come to believe that we’re all in this together, that we need each other. Embracing Simplicity is part of that transformation
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