L.C. Blackwell

L.C. Blackwell began a career in Chicago advertising agencies writing and producing Radio-TV and print advertising in a variety of industries that included Fashion, Food and Food Service, Consumer Products, Automotive, Children's Products and Retail. Among the client brands represented: Brown Shoe Company, Johnson's Wax, Armour (Dial Soap), Goodrich, Quaker Oats, Oldsmobile, Sportmart, Echo Housewares and American Dairy.
A growing interest in programming saw Blackwell become an independent writer-producer developing creative for a select group of projects. Among them: "Belleza Latina", a 13-week package of daily short-form beauty programs written, produced and licensed to the Spanish Entertainment Network for a double run; A bull-riding documentary airing on ABC and Univision affiliates in Phoenix, Arizona; A multimedia promotion that included creative, jingle and presentation production for the National Fitness Foundation presidential appointee, George Allen.
Additionally, L.C. Blackwell is the author of 2 children's books as well as a licensed Managing Broker in Illinois


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