Cooking Genius

Every living thing on our planet consumes some type of food and humans consume the most. Cooking Genius creates cookbooks, cooking and food preparation guides for just about everyone. From children and young adults to home cooks and chefs and even master chefs, we document and publish the best tasting and unique recipes on the planet. If you are a Food Enthusiast, then our books are right for you. How to keep your Kitchen safe, how to properly and safely prepare food and how to use some of the most brilliant kitchen devices such as the slow cooker, pressure cooker, juicer and even spiralizers. From everyday dishes to exotic meals, you will be able to enjoy the tastiest meals you can prepare in your own home. Worried about Calorie Intake? Don’t be! All our recipes and meal preparation guides document the calorie count and number of servings in any recipe. Grab a copy of a Cooking Genius Book today! Bon Appetit!
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