Rachel Lawson

The Blood Bank

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"How is the blood drive going?" asked a doctor called Dr. Death at the local hospital where he worked.
"Good," said Astra who ran it with her husband Max.
"It is a bit odd?" said Dr. Death.
"What?" asked Astra.
"Vampires running a blood drive," said Dr. Death.
"We are doing this for a good cause," said Astra Queen of vampires.
"What you and Max get free feed on tap?" asked Dr. Death.
"No food for the poor vampires of Queens Cross," said Astra.
"Blake how it going," asked her husband Max.
"Good," said Dr. Death, "you know the Red Fox will be up in arms If he realized this is for vampires."
"He's police to the bone," said Max
Paige Turner
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