Janel L Collier

Living a Life Reflecting Christ

Have you ever feel like something is missing in your life? Are you struggling in your journey in your Christian life? Do you believe you have a purpose, destiny, and a call on your life?

I believe the missing piece in your life is having a real relationship with your savior, Jesus Christ! Living a Life Reflecting Christ is a journey of my life stories and experiences I went through in my childhood into my adult years. This book talks about all areas of relationship, spiritual and deliverance process, and my journey with learning about God. It reflects on how God is so important in our lives because he made us be a remnant on Earth to others.

This book is a tool to bring back the course of salvation in the Body of Christ. This book will allow you to discover a close relationship with Christ. You will begin a journey on drawing near into an intimate place with God. You will get an understanding of knowing your identity in Christ. You will get a revelation of Christ's character and becoming the image and likeness of our Creator. I believe your life will be changed when you discover a real relationship with Christ! You are a new creature in the Kingdom of God!
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