Mary Reed

Endless Note

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My Day: A chance to confront their past and change the rules of the game.
When Zoe decides to confront Solange her high school nemesis she meets Ian and sparks fly.
Zoe is a lawyer, the image of a determined and confident woman. The only cloud on the horizon: she never confronted Solange, the classmate at the center of her break-up with her first love. It’s settled, it’s time to put things right!
Except that on her way to confront her past, she meets Ian, a dazzling stranger who questions her approach and seems to enjoy challenging her reasoning. Even though Zoe despises his attitude, her heart has other designs. And when he makes an unexpected proposal, she has trouble knowing if she can trust him.
Ian seems surrounded by secrets, which complicate their relationship a little more every day. Can Zoe unravel the mystery around Ian while dealing with her past?

7 Seasons
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