Lynda Hudson

Stress Relief

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This is a self-help hypnotherapy recording for adults and older teenagers who feel they are overwhelmed by the stresses and strains of their everyday life. It will help you:
- Learn to relax comfortably and calmly
- Get things into proportion
- See things from a positive perspective
- Cope more easily, calmly and effectively
- Feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders
- Take things in your stride

Relaxing comfortably and calmly you are shown how to use all your senses to let go of tension. Use your eyes to visualise the colours and shapes of stress reducing, use your sense of feeling to loosen knots of tension, change your inner dialogue by turning down the volume of negative thoughts and gain insights and receive powerful suggestions to help you cope more calmly with your daily life. You then visualise yourself in your personal situation thinking, feeling and handling things altogether more calmly and effectively.
Research shows that when a person first acts out each positive step in their imagination, it dramatically increases the likelihood of their success in the real world. This recording contains powerful suggestions for boosting confidence and self-esteem. The language and topics used are carefully crafted to appeal to listeners of all suitable ages.
Lynda Hudson's gentle, well-modulated, English voice calms, re-assures and encourages. A clinical hypnotherapist and former teacher, Lynda has worked with many children and has helped them overcome numerous problems. Her work has been widely featured in the press and she has appeared on both TV and radio.
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