Krishna Das

Flow of Grace

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Krishna Das gives listeners a rare treat: commentary, instruction, and a musical version of the classic Hindu poem Hanuman Chalisa

This audiobook is an unabridged, updated edition of the beloved hardcover book Flow of Grace, read to you by Krishna Das, specially created to deepen our understanding of one of the most revered pieces of Indian sacred text, the Hanuman Chalisa.

Furthermore, in this audiobook, Krishna Das explores the correct pronunciation of each of the 40 transformative verses, the means of invoking Hanuman’s grace and healing, and the power chanting. The Flow of Grace audiobook also includes a new and unique musical recording of the Hanuman Chalisa, along with instructional recitation of all 40 verses. You can find the written transliteration, pronunciation guide, and translation at https://krishnadasmusic.com/pages/flow-of-grace-audiobook-add-on to help with your practice.

"In the Chalisa, we bow to the great beauty, strength, and devotion that Hanuman embodies; we also begin to bow to that place in ourselves. The Chalisa inspires us to try to become like him, to make the mirror of our heart as clean as Hanuman's so that we can become aware of the great beauty and love that lives within us as our own true nature"
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