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Rapid Italian Vol. 3

It’s a great pleasure to be able to present Volume 3 in the Earworms Rapid Italian series. As well as another lexically rich, immediately useful set of words and phrases, this volume will give you an insight into many of the core structures of the language, allowing you more scope to mix and match the vocabulary you already know.
Here are few of the structural features of each track:

1. We have to …

How to say: -We have to ...,You have to ..., I have to ..., Do you have to …?

-Do you know ...?

-the nearest

2. Enough money

How to say: -Have you got ....? / I don't have ...

-I can ..., you can ..., we can ..., he can ..., she can ..., they can ..., one can ...

3. I’ll take two of them

How to say: -How much ...?, How many ...?

-of them / of it

-It is still open / It has already closed / It is open until ...

4. At the market

How to say: -Why ...? Answer: In order to ...

-Which ...? Answer: That ... / Those ...

5. In the shoe shop

How to say: -I’d like to try them. / I’ll take them.

-I didn’t want to … compared with: I don’t want to …

-for you

6. Tickets, please! At the station

How to say: -When does the next/last train leave?

-It takes about an hour.

-Don’t forget to …

7. Out and about in Paris

How to say: -Do you know which …

-I think …

-every 10 mins and: You have to get off in 3 stops.

8. On the road again. Renting a car

How to say: -I’ll be with you in a moment.

-Can you show me …

-You have reserved …

9. The weather

How to say: -How is the weather?

-It’s fine. / It’s hot. / It’s cold.

-Let’s go. / Shall we go?

10. Groovy grammar

Summary of grammatical structures in the first couple of tracks
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