Edmond Hamilton

The Three Planeteers

From the blistering surface of Mercury to Pluto's frosty icefields, their fame had spread. John Thorn, Saul Av, and Gunner Welk - better known as The Three Planeteers! Are they heroes or outlaws? Could they be both? No one knew.

When the tyrannical League of the Cold Worlds devises a superweapon capable of annihilating the defenses of the democratic Alliance of Inner Planets, The Three Planeteers go undercover to choke off Dictator Haskell Trask's critical power supply of radite. But the mission brings them into the realm of the D'Artagnan of space, Lana Cain, legendary leader of the most brazen band of buccaneers ever to ply the space lanes.

In the year 2952, the fate of the solar system rests on a trio of hired ray guns who dare the pirate-infested asteroid wilderness known as the Zone, from which few return.

©2012 Radio Archives, LLC (P)2016 Dreamscape Media, LLC
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