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How to get your ex back

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This is your guide to getting your love back. The book written in a friendly manner will take you on a tour covering everything from how to find and organize the strength to overcome a bad breakup, to how to get your girlfriend or boyfriend back.

By reading this book, you will be helped to win back the heart that you believe belongs to you. Is it possible? Yes, because help is right here.

Here what you will find here:

Introduction to Relationships
History of Relationships
Introduction to an Intimate Relationship
What is Jealousy in a Relationship?
Why Do People Break Up?
How to Deal with Breakups?
How to Get You To Ex Back?
Getting Your Ex Back Under Particular Circumstances
How To Make Your Relationship Healthy After The Breakup?

This complete step-by-step, easy-to-read guide will outline the path you need to take to get your ex back. It will also show you all the things you should not do because they could hurt your chances of succeeding.
Should you decide that you no longer want to get back together with your ex, the strategies in this audiobook will also help you with your future relationships, making sure nobody breaks up with you again.

Don’t wait any longer: The help you need to solve your bad situation is here. Scroll to the top and click "Buy now"
John Flower


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