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Financial Accounting Explained

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Are you the owner of a large company? No? Perhaps a manager, then? Maybe you aren’t. Maybe you are just a simple shop owner. Either way, this book is the one for you. Financial accounting is something that is of the utmost importance for you to learn about if you want to successfully continue with your career, and give the whole enterprise a boost. What you’ll learn in this book: - What, exactly, financial accounting is - The purpose of financial accounting - All the pros and cons of financial accounting - All about the different types of financial reports - A list of different financial ratios and their brief analyzes - All about audits - And much more!! If you really want to step up in terms of your career, you cannot waste another minute or even another second of your precious time. You need to start reading this comprehensive guide on the basics of financial accounting, and you need to do it right now!


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