Anthony James

Far Strike

Far Strike is a high-action science fiction adventure involving massive space battles, overwhelming odds and exciting technologies. It continues the Transcended series and picks up straight after book 2: Fleet Vanguard.

Humanity's first engagements with the invading Trivar have not gone to plan and the aliens have shown no mercy in destroying several Confederation worlds and killing billions of people. Surrender is not an option. One of the Space Corps' monitoring stations finds hints of a Trivar world, countless galaxies away, and a mission is formed to search for a way to counter the enemy space fleet's seemingly impregnable defences. Captain Becky Keller is in charge and with her is Lieutenant Joe Nation, as well as a contingent of the Space Corps' best soldiers. Keller and Nation will require every ounce of skill and guts to win this one.
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W. F. Howes
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