A.I. Shoukry

Anchor System Thinking

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Searching for calm waters in a turbulent life? In an increasingly complex world, the need to understand where you stand and where you are going is fundamental on the personal, organizational, and societal level.
A. I. Shoukry—author of the bestselling book In or Out—introduces us to his innovative concept; anchor system thinking.
You are a vessel in the sea of life. Whether you like it or not, whether you float or sink, stand still or move forward, you are always anchored or searching for an anchor. And it's better to know your anchor points than to be anchored without knowing. If you think you are floating freely, think again. Do you know your anchor points?
Anchor system thinking can be applied as a situational analysis tool on the personal, organizational, social, and even national levels. Anchor system thinking can, therefore, be used for problem-solving and strategic planning for personal, business, political, societal, geopolitical, or relational dilemmas.
In this short, insightful book, you will:
Discover how to think using the anchor system thinking concept.Master anchor system thinking and its application on the personal, organizational, and societal levels.Understand various anchor points and how are we all anchored to location, time, social networks, and entities.Learn how to draw anchor maps for yourself, your organization, and society to understand your current status.Solve problems on the personal, organizational, and social level using anchor system thinking.Know how to be a reliable anchor point for others and excel at it.Practice the proactive anchoring technique for strategic future planning for yourself, your organization, and society.Anchor System Thinking is an innovative paradigm that will change how you approach your life, work, and relationships forever.
So, buy Anchor System Thinking and start anchoring today!


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