Tim LaHaye,Jerry B. Jenkins

Left Behind - The Kids: Collection 1

What do you do when your greatest fear becomes reality? What do you do when putting off a decision becomes the greatest mistake of your life? What do you do when everyone you care about is gone and you’ve been left behind?
Follow Judd Thompson–the runaway rich kid, Vicki Byrne – the rebellious girl from the wrong end of the trailer park, Lionel Washington–a street-smart kid from a Christian family, and Ryan Daley – orphaned not by the rapture but the chaos that followed, as they try to survive the most horrifying days the planet Earth has ever faced.
Incredible performances by a razor sharp cast, and original music, combined with first class production quality that is the hallmark of GAP Digital make this a perfect production for all ages! Based on the first four books (#1-4) in the best-selling Left Behind: The Kids Series.
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