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Nutrition for Resilience

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"Nutrition for Resilience" sets out a simple to follow 8-week series of small, simple changes that together will supercharge your energy levels and wellbeing at work.
What results you can expect from Nutrition for Resilience?
Less stress and more energy, both inside and outside of workA better sleep pattern and improved quality of sleepGreater mental clarity, better problem solving and improved productivityEnhanced staying power and capability to bounce back from setbacksA much improved body image, including inch loss and weight loss (if you have these to lose)A feeling of having turned back your biological clockAbout The Author
I'm Andrew, a UK Chartered Psychologist who specialises in helping business people uncover their natural resilience and wellbeing at work, so that they can become healthily successful and powerful role models for others.
I was someone who suffered with work-related stress for many years and this culminated in an episode of severe depression in 2006 during which I spent 5 weeks in a psychiatric hospital.
After being placed on high doses of antidepressant medication in hospital, I rapidly gained 50lbs or 22kgs in weight. In the autumn of 2007, I came off medication and then lost the excess weight in 6 months, while working in a challenging international training role.
In the years following my release from hospital, I've researched extensively about how to develop resilience and deal with stress at work in natural, healthy and sustainable ways.
This program contains the best of what I've discovered in the areas of nutrition, resilience and wellbeing at work.
I look forward to being able to help you too.
Please email any questions to andrew@andrewbridgewater.com
To help you find the peace of mind you've been looking for, I've just released a free audio training course at www.TheStressReliefSpace.com


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